The Johannesburg Roads Agency’s “Roads & Stormwater Manual” comprises two volumes:

• Volume 1: Code of Procedure;

• Volume 2: Standard Design Details for Roads & Stormwater:

– Part 1: Roads; and
– Part 2: Stormwater.

Code of Procedure for JRA Roads and Stormwater

Volume 1 – Roads


In order to ensure better consistency and remove current doubt and confusion with regards to Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) layout on intersections, the relevant drawings that gave various options of layouts and tactile configuration was amended to show only one basic approach and layout. The amendment is in line with the Department of Transport’s (DoT) Position Paper and National Technical Requirements (NTR1) on the subject. The DoT Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) Facility guideline, has also started the process of amendment in line with NTR1.

Please take note of amended drawings:


In no event shall the Johannesburg Roads Agency , its directors , officers , employees or agents be liable for any incidental , consequential , indirect , direct , or special damages including , but not limited to bodily injury and / or injuries , punitive damages or attorney fees , whether foreseeable or not foreseeable flowing from and/or in relation too any and/or all of the Johannesburg Road Agency’s Standard Details for Roads and Stormwater drawings.

It should also be noted that any or all of the Standard Details listed might have been amended since being made available on this website. Any person wishing to make use of the Standard Details drawings should check with the Engineers responsible for a specific area in the City of Johannesburg whether a particular Standard Detail drawing is still valid.