JRA: 2018 so far…

We have been busy this 2018 with projects that pertain to the rehabilitation, upgrading and the building of new infrastructure in communities and on roads in the City of Joburg. Some of these projects began in the first few months of this year, whereas others carried over from 2017 and are about to be completed.

Currently we have begun work on and/or are in the process of completing these infrastructure development projects:



  • The Reconstruction of the Bridge Street bridge in Klipspruit West.

The bridge tends to flood when there are heavy rains bringing traffic to a standstill and poses a danger to the public. The project began on 1 January 2018 and is expected to end 31 December 2018.

  • The re-design of Jan Smuts Avenue from a single carriage way to a dual carriage way,

This R87 million conversion will occur on Jan Smuts, from Northwold Drive to Bolton Drive and from 8th Avenue to Kent Road in Rosebank. The construction aims to reduce congestion on this busy arterial route but will also upgrade the storm water infrastructure on the road.

  • The upgrade of the M2 west Highway / Main Reef Road and linked extensions.

This project is meant to ease congestion and improve access to the M1, M7, N1 and the R24. These works will result in temporary road closures.

  • The construction of a Pedestrian bridge in Diepsloot that is intended to offer the residents a safe passageway over moving water and for future flooding.
  • The upgrading of gravel roads to surfaced roads in growing communities. We have upgraded around 22.39km from gravel roads to tarred roads, from 2017 to 2018.
  • The rehabilitation of the intersection of Press Street, Main Reef and the M2 onramp slip lane
  • The rehabilitation of the M2 Motorway Kaserne Bridge.

This rehabilitation project affected the M2 Eastbound, M2 Westbound and the Mooi Street off ramp.

These projects form part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and motorists on quality roads.

Our rehabilitation of bridges, upgrading of gravel roads into surfaced roads and road widening activities also serve to accommodate the growing number of road users in Johannesburg and to ease congestion.

Despite challenges that we face with the lack of resources and a 7.1 billion backlog we will push forward with what we have to ensure that we can service as many citizens in the City of Johannesburg. This is our continued committed to delivering quality roads that are safe and accessible to communities and road users.