M2 Opening soon

October 2019

After the necessary rehabilitation of the M2 bridge, the JRA is pleased to inform all road users that the work is almost complete and the bridge ready for re-opening on the 04th of November 2019.


The Management of the JRA would like to thank road users for their patience throughout the past eight months. It indeed has not been easy, as some of you have had to club together for lifts and make use of public transport. Many others had to make use of alternate routes in order to get to work and to make their way to various areas. People mostly affected were those from the South of Johannesburg. Thank you for taking heed to the JRA’s request concerning your safety.
The JRA’s values do not change; we aim to deliver safe and accessible roads to the community of the City of Johannesburg. We pride ourselves in so doing. It is for this reason it became imperative that we prioritize our community and rehabilitate the M2 bridge. This is indeed a proud moment for the JRA and we look forward to the day with anticipation.
The first car is expected to drive on the bridge on Monday, 04 November 2019, with great anticipation. This is to be a proud moment indeed.