October 2018

Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has invested approximately R23 million in the construction of Diepsloot pedestrian bridge in Diepsloot. The construction of the pedestrian bridge will play a significant role in the lives of residents by linking Diepsloot’s Extensions 1 and 2, with safe passage during times of heavy rains and flash flooding.

Proper planning and efficiency of the construction team has seen the project to be ahead of schedule by at least one month, if the weather conditions and all other externals factors permits then the project might be concluded end of March 2019. The official completion date of the project is end of June 2019.

The bridge clearance over the wetland is approximately 3m high. Based on the current project schedule the contractor is planning to launch the beam before the December 2018 shut down.

This project is currently employing 18 local community members. Four local Emerging Contractors (SMME’s) will be appointed during the month of November.

The construction of this bridge forms part of the City’s commitment to improve public safety and mobility of communities.

Below is evidence on the Progress of the project