About us

Company Profile

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (Pty) Ltd commenced its business on the 1st January 2001 with the City of Johannesburg being the sole shareholder. The JRA’s core competencies are the planning, design, construction, operation, control, rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads and stormwater infrastructure in the City of Johannesburg. The main responsibilities include the construction and maintenance of bridges, culverts, traffic signals, traffic signal systems, footways, road signage and road markings.

Company Vision

"The best city roads authority that enables economic growth and sustainability"


"We commit to provide quality roads that are accessible, safe and liveable for our communities"


To plan, design, construct and maintain roads and roads infrastructure.

Our Core Values

Respect Gathering the customer, prioritising communities, ensuring equity
Accountability The man in the mirror, responsible actions
Ubuntu Compassion for communities and road users, empathy, humility
Cooperation Working together, integration, collaboration and pooling resources
Honesty Ethics, transparency, doing the right thing.

Core business

Below is a schematic representation of the three pillars and the enablers that govern the JRA’s business. Customer service is the overarching benchmark that determines the level of success in the business operations. The JRA seeks to ultimately achieve the outcomes of safety, mobility and access for users of the road network.

For each of the key pillars that define the business of the JRA a set of focus areas have been identified. These will drive business operations for the next five years:

Key service areas
Traffic regulatory infrastructure
  • Traffic signals management
  • Road signs and markings management
  • Road safety (infrastructure)
  • Network monitoring
  • An Intelligent Transport System
  • Traffic engineering
    (geometric improvements)
  • GIS and Accident Management Systems
  • Traffic signal operations
  • Overload control
Road infrastructure
  • Road Asset Management Systems (RAMS)
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Strategic assets
  • Development control
Stormwater infrastructure
  • Flood line and master planning
  • Storm water maintenance
  • Storm water network development planning
  • Development control
  • Dam safety management
  • In house designs (capacity building)


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