Fraud Prevention Hotline

The JRA committed itself to participate in an economy that actively and proactively protects all assets against threats of corruption, fraud, bribery and theft.

The JRA maintains an effective anti-fraud and corruption culture that supports its ethics of driving out any fraudulent and corrupt activity if found. 

If you become aware, as a member of the public, of any suspected fraudulent or corrupt activity you should bring this to the attention of the JRA and City of Johannesburg.




Reporting Methods: 

JRA Fraud and Ethics Hotline on 0800 002 587

Report Online at

Send an e-mail to




For more information on our code of ethics, which is mandatory for every member of our organisation to uphold, please view our Code of Ethical Conduct.


 Posters and other communications

Zero Tolerance

·       The JRA Fraud and Ethics Hotline at contact no. 0800 002 587 or  – operated by an independent third party and guaranteeing anonymity. You can also send an e-mail to if you are unable to call the hotline or make a report online at 



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